The Benefits of Live Plants

Live Plants Clean the Indoor Air that you Breath!
NASA research has proven the dramatic air-cleaning capabilities of common indoor plants. So incredible are the results that NASA is testing the use of green plants for space flight, air filtration and purification. Common Symptoms of indoor sensitivities are headaches, nasal and chest congestion, burning itching eyes and inability to concentrate.

Live Plants Project the Image of a Positive and Contemporary Business!
A well maintained interior plantscape projects to employees, clients and business associates that you are substantial and successful. Plants show you are a caring company and concerned about comfort and the experience people have with your business.

Live Plants Revamp and Modernize Business Spaces!
Plants are the least expensive way of enhancing spaces and a flexible design element whenever your floor plan changes. Plants disguise masses of wires, act as screens between workspaces and direct traffic flow. Plants add colors and textures to your space, soften hard architectural lines and draws attention to your contemporary sense of style.

Live Elements in the Workplace Increase Employee Productivity!
Fortune 500 companies report that their plantscaped office interiors appear to boost morale, build employee contentment and promote productivity. These companies report that office plants attract and maintain high quality employees.

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